How to change the battery on a
Chamberlain, Craftsman, or Liftmaster
garage door opener transmitter.

All garage door opener remote transmitters do have a battery of some type underneath the cover but the type,
size, and voltage varies between the different models.

   For many years most remote control transmitters for garage door openers had standard 9 volt batteries. However as they have been redesigned many times over the last 10-20 years the size and voltage of the battery has varied between the different models. The Chamberlain group of controls switched to a small round tubular type battery for a number of years but most of them now use one or two 3 volt lithium coin cell batteries. For the list of batteries they use please visit our transmitter battery sizes page.

   How you get the transmitter case opened to change the battery is also different between the models. Most of the older ones with the 9V battery have a screw underneath the visor clip that must be removed first. Whereas the 12V models have a small access cover that simply slide out of the bottom of the case. However on most of the 3V models the transmitter cover simply snaps together.


  It's the snap together cover type that most people have difficulty to get them open. Usually they are afraid that the cover is going to break before they get the two sides to come apart.


  The secret is to use the metal visor clip as a tool to separate the two case halves. A small screwdriver will also work but the hard blade will usually tend to chip the plastic edges but the visor clip may also mar the plastic cover. On the edges of the transmitters there are small notches in the remote cover. Just place the end of the visor clip in the notch and turn the clip slightly until the case “pops” open slightly.

Liftmaster transmitter with notch in side

If necessary go around to each side and repeat the process until the case will lift off easily.


Liftmaster 3-Button transmitter opened showing battery

   Now you can change the garage door opener transmitter battery(s) with the same type and make sure the “+” sign is facing up. Then you replace the cover by putting one long side down first and “snap” the other sides back in place. On some of the newer transmitters you may have to reprogram them back into the motor head receiver unit.




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