Garage door opener repair service is available
when it won't open the door and you wouldn't
even think about trying to repair it yourself.
Where can you find a honest and experienced service technician for your garage door repair project?

   In most cases it does not matter to your local IDA garage door dealer whether you have a Genie or Overhead garage door opener, or one that is made by Craftsman, Liftmaster, Chamberlain, or any other manufacturer. The majority of the dealers have highly qualified and experienced technicians that service the types of openers in your area on a daily basis and are very adapt at troubleshooting the garagedoor opener problem in a very timely manner.

The last time your garage door quit working, one of
your friends took care of the repair, but you really
don't want to impose upon your good friends again!

   It is great to have good friends to help you out when in you are in a bind, but your garage door and opener should be serviced & inspected by trained and qualified technicians that can not only repair the problem, but can also inspect your door and opener to insure that all of the safety features are working properly.

   If you still have a garage door opener that doesn't have
photo-cells you should plan on replacing the opener
when it breaks or will no longer operate properly.

   Most parts for garage door openers that did not have photo-cells originally included & thus do meet the UL325 safety code are no longer being manufactured and the majority of the parts for them are obsolete and nearly impossible to find!

   Even if your opener has photo-cells if it’s getting to be 10-15 years old you may still want to replace it. In some cases the cost of the parts & labor to change them can get close to the cost for the new opener & the newer openers are much more quiet than those made in the past.



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