Are you replacing your garage door because
your shabby residential door distracting is
from the overall appearance of your home so
much that the neighbors or home owners
assoc have formed a beautification committee
with your home as their “bad example”?

   Your garage door may not be quite that bad but many doors take up a third or more of the front of most modern standard size homes. Therefore the condition of the overhead door can greatly enhance or distract from the homes overall appearance, and hence the value, of your otherwise well maintained home. Your local IDA garage door dealer can help you in the selection of the replacement garage door that will compliment the front of your home. Most dealers carry a full line of doors that range from a durable, finished painted steel door to a custom garage door that can blend in or stand out with the rest of your home. There are very many different styles of window options to chose from in most areas that are not in the hurricane windload regions of the country. (Garage door windows are required to meet the missile impact test in some parts of these regions).

Three Single Car Carriage House Garage Doors

   Are you concerned about replacing your
door with a steel garage door that your kids or
grandchildren will dent & ding with their toys and bikes?

   You may want to consider having a double sided steel insulated garage door installed that is much more durable and resistant to the bumps and grinds of everyday living in a family home than a non-insulated steel door. Not only is the sandwiched constructed insulated door more durable, but it also is much quieter and has a more pleasing appearance on the inside which is also easier to keep clean and maintain. Request a free in-home estimate to discuss which style of garage door will best suit your needs.


Do you wonder or fear every time you come home that
your old, rotting, creaking, wooden garage door is opening
or closing for the last time before it comes crashing down?

   Over time garage doors do wear out and deteriorate to the point that they will need to be replaced. Then the decision comes down to what type of garage door you should use. Although any overhead garage door will close up the opening, you may want to take the overall appearance and the type of use of the door into consideration in your buying decision. For instance having a flat flush panel garage door, or a standard raised panel door, or a door with decorative windows would give your home three different distinctive appearances. Also, if your garage is attached to your home, you may be like many other families that use the garage door as the major point of entry for your everyday travels. Therefore the durability of your new garage door may need to factor in the decision. Ask your local IDA garage door dealer to assist you in the selection of the proper style and design of your new door.

Most IDA door dealers carry a full line of
overhead commercial garage doors and openers
in addition to their full residential line of products.

   Aluminum And Glass Garage Door

   Within the last few years the selection of different types and designs of commercial overhead doors has widen tremendously. It use to be that most industrial garage doors basically looked about the same, whereas today there are many doors available that have the same design appearance of the attractive residential doors. In years past the warehouse doors were mainly in industrial areas and on the backs of buildings where they were rarely seen by the public. However, as the commercial buildings moved out to the highly traveled streets and the warehouse doors moved from the back to the front of many modern buildings the appearance of the door has become an image issue. In addition to the appearance of the door there are also many different track configurations available that can maximize the overhead working space of your commercial building. Solicit a no obligation, designed to fit your needs and budget estimate from a prompt and local industrial overhead door dealer today!




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